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NJDiscoveryDocs.com has been serving municipal law enforcement agencies for more than 9 years and has saved these agencies countless dollars, time and aggravation by stream lining the dissemination of documents by providing them online, on dedicated web pages for each law enforcement agency.


NJDiscoveryDocs.com not only reduces costs, time and aggravation, but out services reduce delays in presenting cases in municipal courts as “discovery” issues and delays are significantly reduced. Prosecutors’ records’ clerks, law enforcement personnel, etc., all have reduced workloads and each department sees immediate results and savings by using our service.


And consider: Effective January 1, 2013, Discovery fees for municipal court matters were greatly reduced and limited by the Rules of Court in the State of N.J.  Rule 7:7-7(i) now limits the amount that can be charged for discovery in all municipal court matters.  The Court Rules adopted, in large part, the State of New Jersey O.P.R.A. fee schedule, almost eliminating fees for most discovery.


Additionally, the Rules of Court place a much larger burden on the Municipal Prosecutor for disseminating discovery.  Prosecutors are now required to: "If any discoverable materials known to a party have not been supplied, the party obligated with providing that discovery shall also provide the opposing party with a listing of the materials that are missing and explain why they have not been supplied." R. 7:7-7(g). With NJDiscoveryDocs.com, no documents will ever bee missing again and matters may be moved quickly and efficiently.


For years, www.NJDiscoveryDocs.com has been providing discoverable documents on-line for municipalities in New Jersey, reducing costs, reducing labor, being "green," and without issues!  Having seen the changing needs in discovery dissemination over 9 years ago, NJDiscoveryDocs.com provides a fast and affordable means to provide and disseminate discovery, save money and comply with the N. J. Rules of Court.


We can have your municipality in compliance TODAY!  Call for a detailed explanation and cost estimate. It is cheaper and more convenient than you will believe to use NJDiscoveryDocs.com to disseminate discovery!




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