What Documents are able to be put on the web using www.NJDiscoveryDocs.com?

The required Alcotest documents are just the beginning for your on line document control. Although we can and will put any document on line that you want, we suggest you consider allowing us to, at the minimum, put the following documents on our site:

o-107-0118Alcotest 7110 Documents:

  • All calibration records
  • All instrument certifications
  • Simulator Solution documents
  • New Standard Solution Reports

Officer Certifications such as:

  • Alcotest Certification Card
  • Breathalyzer Certification Card
  • Radar Certification Card
  • HGN Certification Card
  • DRE Certification Card and documents
  • Police Training Commission certificates
  • Course Completion documents

Radar/Speed Measuring Device Documents:

  • Radar Unit Certifications
  • Tuning Fork Certifications
  • Speedometer Certifications

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Police Department Information
  • Records Department Address/Contact
  • Fees for additional records
  • Municipal Court Contact Information
  • Municipal Court Prosecutor Contact Information
  • Court Schedule

And many others. Just contact us with your ideas/requests/suggestions.

How Does it Work?

Once you enter into an agreement with NJDiscoveryDocs.com to host your documents on line, we arrange to obtain your documents for review prior to placing them on the world wide web. We will either arrange to have the documents picked up at your department or you can drop them off at a convenient location or you can mail them, e-mail them if you have the ability to scan them, fax them (although we do not believe a "faxed" copy allows for a "clean" scanned image).

Again, we will review your documents to ensure that they meet the strict requirements of all current NJ case law, Rules, etc. We check the documents to verify serial numbers, simulator solution lot numbers, temperature probes, dates, etc. If documents are lacking, we notify you and request what is needed directly from you. After the review process, the documents will be placed on our web site and we will give you a form letter to forward to defense attorneys, and the public who may be requesting discovery documents, where they may view, search and print your documents.

NJDiscoveryDocs.com is not limited to just Alcotest documents. We strongly urge you to consider putting your police officer’s certification cards, training certificates, patrol vehicle speedometer certifications, tuning forks, and many other documents on line with us to save you precious time and considerable expense.

Are there other benefits to using NJDiscovery.com to handle routine public documents?

Absolutely! In addition to the significant cost savings and increased work productivity, you will have more successful prosecutions! No more delays for discovery. No more requests to dismiss because a document was missing from a package. No more “lost” documents. No more concerns as to whether the entire package was provided. Your Municipal Court staff and Judge will be happy and the Court will save money as well. Using NJDiscoveryDocs.com is a Win-Win-Win for everyone.


Email us today for our rates! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why Do I Need This? Consider the following:


  • Save on Labor Costs.

  • Keep the environmentalists happy by going GREEN!

  • Save on copying charges.

  • Save on postage.

  • Save on office supplies.

  • Save on Police overtime!

  • Higher conviction rates.

  • Fewer Court postponements.

  • Easy access to Public Records.
  • Eliminates excuses for delay and reschedules
  • Reduces personnel time spent creating and disseminating a discovery package

  • Reasonably priced so there is no need for bids, quotes or RFP's
  • Save your town administrative costs and invest the savings in the officers’ education or paychecks!